Great Priory Appointments 2016

The RE Provincial Prior is delighted to announce the following appointments in Great Priory with effect from 18th May 2016:

Active Rank:

V.E.Kt Tony Bentley, Gt. 2nd Constable (Godefroi-de-Bouillon, No. 42)
R.E.Kt. Angus Patrick Hannagan, Gt.Vice Chancellor (St Chad, No. 193)
E.Kt. Alexander Ian Stewart, Gt.Sword Bearer (Robert-de-Stafford, No. 411)
E.Kt. Robin Andrew Stubbs, Gt.Aide-de-Camp (Roger-de-Clinton, No. 407)
E.Kt Mario Rizzardi, Dep.Gt.Organist (William-de-Ferrars, No. 530)


E.Kt. Trevor Ralph Mardling, P.Gt.Herald (Robert-de-Stafford, No. 411)
E.Kt. Roy Gaskill, P.Gt.Herald (St Clement, No. 398)

First Past Rank:

E.Kt. Robert Nigel Haysom, P.Gt.Aide-de-Camp (Godefroi-de-Bouillon, No. 42)
E.Kt. Walter Allen McCartney, P.Gt.Aide-de-Camp (St Chad, No. 193)
E.Kt. David William Philips, P.Gt.Aide-de-Camp (William-de-Ferrars, No. 530)