New members appointed to the Body Guard

The Commander of the Body Guard, E Kt Ralph Ritchey PPr1stHer, was pleased to announce to the team the names of those members from the Province who will be joining the team at the Provincial Priory meeting on 5th June.

Bro Kt Martyn Hunt from John O’Gaunt Preceptory No 546; Bro Kt David Thomas and Bro Kt George Steele, both from William de Ferrars Preceptory No 530 will soon be seen on parade with the team. To make way for them, Bro Kt Paul Molley will be stepping down from the active team and remaining as the Body Guard Registrar; Bro Kt Adrian Yearsley and Bro Kt Mark Roberts have been asked to step down as they will soon become the Eminent Preceptors of their respective Preceptories. The Provincial Prior has rewarded all three Knights for their service to the team with the honor of Past Provincial Captain of Guards, which he will present in June.