Appointments & Reappointments to Great Priory

It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce the following appointments and reappointments to Great Priory. We congratulate them all.

E.Kt. P. E. M. Parsons             Past Great Standard Bearer (VB) (Promotion)

E.Kt. J. Lockley                        Deputy Great Sword Bearer

E.Kt. R. A. Stubbs                    Great Aide-de-Camp (Re-appointment)

E.Kt. J. P. Ashcroft                  Past Great Aide-de-Camp

E.Kt. J. T. Birkin                       Past Great Aide-de-Camp

E.Kt. J. K. Thomas                  Past Great Aide-de-Camp

E.Kt. M. Rizzardi                     Dep. Gt. Organist (Re-appointment)

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