Biennial Church Service 2017

Hot weather was the order of the day for 9th July, the date of the Biennial Church Service. Close to 200 attended the revised Service at the Royal Wolverhampton Grammar School chapel. E Kt Ralph Ritchey, the Body Guard Commander, said “I was particularly proud of the team today dealing with a number of last minute changes in very hot weather conditions. I was particularly proud of the escort they provided for the Provincial Prior, his Sword Bearer and Banner Bearer from the Chapel back to the School which went like clockwork…..particularly the wheeling around the parked cars outside the School entrance!”

This was the team’s first opportunity to demonstrate what they can do with the new members of the team joining them. Bro Kt Martyn Hunt who was appointed to the team in June 2017 said, “This has been a great opportunity and one which I have thoroughly enjoyed” whilst Bro Kt Dave Thomas, also a new appointee, commented “I am very proud to be a member of the Provincial Prior’s Body Guard. We have learned a great deal in a short space of time and I look forward to playing part at future musters”.

R E Kt D Gary Read KCT , the Provincial Prior, said, “My Body Guard have performed splendidly. A super day.”

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