Body Guard First Presentation of Silent Drill

Eminent Knight Bob Cooper, the Eminent Preceptor of the Staffordshire & Shropshire Preceptory No 545 for Installed Eminent Preceptors, had some time ago seen a demonstration of Silent Drill. He was delighted that current Body Guard Commander, E Kt Ralph Ritchey, said the current team would consider how they could develop a similar demonstration and perform it during E Kt Bob’s year as the Eminent Preceptor.

Some six months later, the first demonstration of the Drill was performed on 8th September 2017 to the members of the Staffordshire & Shropshire Preceptory at Shelton in Stoke-on-Trent.

E Kt Bob Copper commented “This was an absolute pleasure to watch and delivered with great skill demonstrating the time and effort the team have dedicated to learning this piece of work”. The team were heartily congratulated by many of the senior Knights present for the meeting and rounded off the demonstration with loud applause.

The Provincial Prior, R E Kt D Gary Read KCT said “I am extremely proud of my Body Guard who are rapidly becoming the ‘virtual 18th Preceptory’ within the Province. They continue to develop their role and offer support throughout the Province, not to mention the amount they raise during their Challenges!”

Commenting on the team’s performance, the Body Guard Commander said “This for me has been one of the best Musters since being elected the Commander. The team worked hard over many months to develop this terrific piece of work. I was extremely pleased with their top performance.”

To book this demonstration within your Preceptory which takes not more than 20 minutes to perform, contact the Body Guard Registrar, Bro Kt Paul Molley using:


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