Members of the Body Guard were delighted to attend John O’Gaunt Preceptory No. 546 stationed at Kidsgrove, to witness the Installation of Bro Kt Adrian Yearsley PPr Capt of Grds, a former Body Guard member, and current Treasurer of Mercia Praetorian Preceptory No. 682, to the Rank of Eminent Preceptor on 26th October.

Installing Bro Kt Yearsley, E Kt David Crump Prov A-de-C, performed an excellent ceremony of Installation. E Kt Yearsley was extremely pleased, and proud, to leave his Preceptory under an Arch of Steel presented by the Body Guard and made reference to the same at the meal that followed – to much acclaim from his former colleagues! The Preceptory proposed a substantial donation to the Challenge and raised a further £95 in sponsorship towards the Challenge which was gratefully received by the members of the Body Guard in attendance.

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