One of the smaller Preceptories within the Province, Powys Preceptory No 431 have always worked hard on their ceremonies and none less than the recent Malta Ceremony for Bro Kt C R Ray where he was warmly installed into the Order by their Eminent Prior, E Kt J Armstrong.

There were a number of visitors attending the Preceptory including the Provincial Sub Prior, V E Kt A T Howls, the Provincial Second Constable, E Kt D R Truman; the Provincial Deputy Marshal, E Kt R J Haynes; and, the Provincial Captain of Guards, Bro Kt P K Morris accompanied by other Eminent and Brother Knights from around the Province.

To assist with the Malta Ceremony, the members of the Provincial Prior’s Body Guard were requested to perform the Banner Guard and present the Malta Address which they did in the very atmospheric candle light within the Preceptory. During the notices, there was a proposition to donate £100 to the Provincial Prior’s Challenge which was duly passed much to the delight of the Body Guard in attendance.

At the end of the evening, the Priory retired to the local hostelry for an excellent meal where the conversation was lively culminating in the Provincial Sub Prior commenting that “he had planned to have a good time at the start of the evening and had not been let down throughout”.

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