St Alkmund Preceptory No 404

On a very warm evening, 9 members of the Body Guard plus an incumbent member of the team, were able to attend the Malta Meeting for the Preceptory of St Alkmund No 404 to provide assistance during the KT part of their muster, and more particularly to assist with the Banner Guard and Malta Address for their Candidate, Bro Kt Mike Lawrence who was installed as a Knight of Malta.

The team performed well and were congratulated by the E Prior, E Kt A J Hughes for “..having brought a scale of professionalism to the muster which is seen throughout the Province and for which St Alkmund were particularly grateful following the previous recent visit..”

A convivial meal followed the Muster upstairs at the Preceptory.

The Commander particularly thanked Bro Kt Mike Vozza of John O’Gaunt Preceptory No 546 for assisting the team in both incoming and outgoing Arch of Steel.



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