Appointments & Promotions in Great Priory

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the following appointments and promotions in Great Priory.

We congratulate them all.

  1. Kt. M. Rizzardi  –  Great Organist (Promotion)
  2. Kt. W. R. Cooper  –  Past Great Herald (Promotion)
  3. Kt. D. M. Edwards  –  Past Great Herald (Promotion)
  4. Kt. K. Williamson  –  Past Great Standard Bearer (VB) (Promotion)
  5. Kt. R. W. A. Walker  –  Past Great Aide-de-Camp
  6. Kt. C. Hutchinson  –  Past Great Warden of Regalia
  7. Kt. R. G. Thompson  –  Past Great Warden of Regalia

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