Sir John Kent Malta Address

The Provincial Prior’s Body Guard were once again delighted to assist Sir John Kent Preceptory No 369 with a Malta Ceremony on 31st May 2018.

The Eminent Prior, E Kt J J Bryan, recently retired from the Body Guard, requested their assistance with particular emphasis for the Banner Guard and Malta Address. The Priory was low on numbers for this muster and the assistance of the Body Guard was very well appreciated by the Priory.

Attending that evening to witness E Kt Bryan’s first muster in charge of the Preceptory and Priory, were the Provincial Sub Prior, V E Kt A T Howls PGtReg; the Provincial 1st Constable, E Kt D Wall; the Provincial 2nd Constable, E Kt D R Truman; the Provincial Vice Chancellor, E Kt J E Francis; the Provincial Marshal, E Kt D W Philips; and the Provincial Almoner, E Kt J R Greer.

The Malta meeting went extremely well with E Bryan commanding his Priory in a positive manner.

The Address by the members of the Body Guard was delivered under candle light and whilst fewer in number than they would have liked, the team delivered the piece very well and to much acclaim from the members of the Priory.

This was the last official engagement for the Provincial Prior’s Body Guard this season before the Provincial Meeting on 4th June where their Commander, E Kt R G Ritchey will step down to become Provincial Deputy Marshal, and Bro Kt J Derry GMBB, will take over as the new Commander of the team.

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