4th June 2018 – Wolverhampton

Being close to capacity in the Preceptory, the Provincial Prior entered his Provincial Priory under an Arch of Steel provided by his Body Guard, to the hymn “Onward Christian Soldiers”. He was delighted to welcome all that were able to make this year’s Provincial Priory Meeting, including the many Provincial Priors and Sub Priors from other Provinces across the United Kingdom, and commented that the usual warm weather was with us once again!


The Provincial Prior took greetings from a delegation of the Knights of Malta comprising representatives from 15 out of the 17 Preceptories within the Province.


This delegation was followed by the colourful pageantry of the procession of Preceptory Banners, which in a change to the usual announcements, as each banner was presented, the members present from that Preceptory stood and honoured their banner with large contingents from both Staffordshire & Shropshire Preceptory No 545 (The Preceptory of Installed Preceptors) and Mercia Praetorian Preceptory No 682 (the Body Guard Preceptory).


Following the usual business of the Provincial Priory, the Provincial Prior was pleased to recognise those members of the Province who recently have been promoted and/or received their first appointment in Great Priory to much acclaim.


Proceeding swiftly on, the Provincial Prior then appointed and invested his Provincial Team for the ensuing year and finally, appointed the members of his Body Guard issuing certificates to the new members of his team under their new Commander


During his annual Address, the Provincial Prior thanked his outgoing team of Officers for an exceptional year and announced that the Challenge 2018 total was likely to exceed £8,500 which was met with much acclaim. He specifically thanked his retiring Deputy Marshal, for his sterling work over the years; his Marshal for his work organising the meeting in conjunction with his Vice Chancellor.


The meal that followed was crowned in a noisy and harmonious atmosphere with the Bro Kts of the Province retiring from the Preceptory at around 8.00pm.

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