Joining the Order
This is a Christian Order and requires that a Candidate must be of the Trinitarian Faith, a Master Mason and a Royal Arch Mason.

Those who are members of “KT” (as it is more familiarly known), believe this to be the most relaxed and friendly Order with open inter – Preceptory visiting at all times. Social visits are also organised to Knight Templar sites across the country. A bi-annual Service is held at the Royal Wolverhampton School Church in Wolverhampton, following which afternoon tea is served. Families and friends are always welcome to this special day and to other social events.

There are seventeen Preceptories in the Provincial Priory of Staffordshire and Shropshire and these are listed within the “Preceptories” page of this site. They usually meet three or four times a year with one of the meetings being a Priory of Malta.

A colourful regalia is worn which is based on the uniform worn by the Crusaders. A white tunic faced with a red cross for the Order of the Temple (Knights Templar) together with a white mantle, a red hat ,a belt and a sword. Knights of Malta wear a red tunic faced with a white Amalfi cross together with a black mantle, also bearing a white Amalfi cross, a black hat, a belt and a sword.

Candidates are installed first as Knights of the Temple and then later, in a separate ceremony, as Knights of Malta.

Our Ceremonies;
Knight Templar
The Candidate is admitted in the character and garb of a Pilgrim who is first required to undergo a period of pilgrimage, then warfare, and then takes the vows of a Crusader. Having conducted himself courageously, he is instructed how penance and meditation play a vital part in preparation for Knighthood. Finally, he is received, armed, and proclaimed a Knight of the Temple. All Preceptory business is conducted in this Order.

Knight of St. Paul or Mediterranean Pass
A small passing Degree conferred in a room outside the Priory duringa Knight of Malta meeting. This is confined to Scriptural Readings about St Paul and a battle which involved the Knights of St John of Rhodes, the success of which secured authority to pass through all parts of the Mediterranean without molestation.

Knights of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta
An Order of Christian Knighthood which recounts the history of the Knights of Malta and their long struggle.